About us.

About Us


Soaring summits, lush valleys, and mysterious bands of mountain gorillas can make “the land of a thousand hills” feel like a place where time stands still. But a native crop flourishes within this ancient land superior to the harvests of any modern grower today. The region’s rich volcanic soil, equatorial location, and high elevation provide the uniquely temperate, tropical environment that produces one of the richest coffees you can find. It’s a deep, delicious drink that folds a world of flavor into one beautifully balanced blend. Our Grade A Bourbon Arabica beans come from the high hills of our founder’s homeland, where we reinvest 50% of our profits to help our farmers and their communities. Their work inspires our invitation to discover the taste and place that reach far beyond expectations: Explore more...

Meet the founders


In many ways, the coffee we share with you is the perfect symbol for my Rwandan home. Both prove that the richest lives are often shaped by the struggle to survive. Rwanda has weathered a challenging past, but today, its people are imbued with a boundless sense of hope for their future. The exceptional Bourbon Arabica varietal coffee crop that many of them farm often perishes in other climates, but flourishes within the extreme alpine environment of our tropical land. 

To create a company that can help lead all Rwandans to a brighter future, I’ve kept my eyes on the lessons I first learned in my past. Our Fifty Percent for Farmers program was inspired by the belief I inherited from my parents that education and compassion have the power to create richer, fuller lives. The direct aid these funds provide to support the health, education, clean energy, and operational needs of our farmers and their communities does just that. Your purchase of Rwanda Bean Coffee is the key to that support, and our efforts to strengthen Rwanda—one cup at a time. 


"...education and compassion have the power to create richer, fuller lives."



My studies in economics, politics, and philosophy have shaped my belief that the healthiest businesses grow from the common values that support their customers, workers, and wider community. That insight inspired my desire to work as an entrepreneur who could put those principles into practice in a business guided by a triple-bottom-line focus on the people, profits, and planet it was designed to support.

Rwanda Bean was founded upon just such a mission, with a mandate to share the rich rewards of our crop with the people and place that have nurtured its growth. Our commitment to the corporate transparency that reveals the connections between our farmers, roasters, and customers is a recognition of our respect for the role each one plays in our success. I’m proud to work with these partners each day. Together, we share a vision for creating a company that can transform not only the livelihoods, but the entire lives of a nation of people poised to become a model for the sustainable growth critical to the future of our world.


"We share a vision for creating a company that can transform not only the livelihoods, but the entire lives of a nation of people..."