Our Farmers

Meet our farmers

From bush to bag—our valued partners are committed to growing:

Premium Coffee Cultivated to Bloom Big

The full flavor that blossoms within every cup of Rwanda Bean comes from the work of local farmers who are intimately in touch with the land they love. The complex tastes of the Bourbon Arabica varietal they grow requires expert care to achieve the flavor and freshness that is the standard for every bean we sell. Only people with an innate sense for the showers, sun, and soil needed to nurture their crop to its full potential can harness the native Rwandan wisdom needed to grow these rare beans.

That ancient knowledge is complemented by the creative ingenuity that has made these farmers such critical partners in our efforts to perfect the most advanced sustainable agricultural practices available. Sharing the profits and knowledge that are the fruits of those efforts creates the rich coffee and relationships that are the hallmark of Rwanda Bean.

Partnering for Better Beans and Better Lives

As president of the farmers’ co-op that grows Rwanda Bean’s crop, I’m privileged to know both the land and people responsible for the unique character of our premium beans. Over 300 farmers tend more than 400,000 coffee trees growing at the extreme elevations and climate that nurture their unique, complex flavor. Rwanda Bean’s investment in our co-op has supported many of these farmers in their jump from their former solitary struggles as subsistence farmers to their role as partners skilled in the expert cultivation of coffee worthy of the Rwanda Bean name.

This support has allowed our co-op to bypass the large coffee brokers that have taken advantage of our community of workers for so long. Earning a fair wage for their labors is just part of the power that’s working to change these farmers’ lives. Rwanda Bean’s belief in the people who start every day guided by the vision of a better future provides the faith that can help to make that dream come true. Our cooperative continues to be fueled by the strength of that spirit to transform the wondrous land we’re proud to call home.