Sprouts Program

Rwanda Bean Company's SPROUTS Program is MUCH more than a rewards program. It is a tool for good. 

We wanted to start a rewards program to give back to our loyal customers - those of you who continue supporting our brand and our mission.

When we asked about the type of rewards they want - our coffee lovers expressed that they wanted something more than just free drinks and discounts. 

So, in the general spirit of Rwanda Bean - in 2019 we started Sprouts - a Reward program that gives back double. 

As a Sprouts member, every dollar you spend at Rwanda Bean gets you rewards, AND helps those in need. 

Every reward earned by a Sprout is matched in a direct dollar donation to a local cause for good - it acts as a new bud in our community growth. 

Become a Sprout today, and be part of the change you seek.

Thanks for contacting us. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.