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Our most popular class and the best source for learning coffee roasting. Our Master Roaster has over 25 years of experience and created a curriculum through Coffee College, series of courses that extend the sensory experience through immersive coffee roasting and tasting program. Join coffee guru John Walsh at our Espresso Bar + Roastery at Thompson’s Point in Portland, ME, and begin the adventure from bush to bag.

  • 8 participants per class
  • 15-minute check-in
  • 45-minute class
  • Taste samples of our roasts and espresso (4 oz. each)

COVID-19 Policies

Use the sanitizing station at the front door prior to entering the roastery. The Maine CDC requires all staff and patrons to wear a mask and maintain 6 feet of physical distance from individuals who are not part of their household group whenever possible. All patrons at tables, bars, and counters must have a seat. Customers should not stand or mingle in any counter or bar area (i.e., groups should not interact with each other).

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Beginning with Basics
We’ll begin in the roastery with an up-close view of the process of roasting coffee. We’ll talk through the fundamentals of what happens inside a coffee roaster – and inside a coffee bean – during roasting and we’ll start to connect the influence of heat and airflow with transitions you see and smell in coffee as it’s being roasted. As we move into concepts of roast profiles, you’ll begin to see how intentionally controlled application of heat will roast a coffee toward a particular flavor outcome.

Coffee Tasting Terminology
Learn tasting terms that highlight the Flavor, Acidity, and Body of coffee. You’ll be able to pick up the nuances of different roast profiles and properly describe what you taste.

Roasting Profiles
Once you’ve got a handle on the machinery, we’ll start roasting with a goal in mind. In your own roasting practice, when you have an excellent coffee in your hands you will need to roast it in a way that best interprets it for your market. We will teach you how to roast coffee to your liking and empower you to control the roast for results that are to your desired outcome.

Safety + Operations
Safely and effectively operating your equipment requires knowledge of the system and a plan for when things go wrong. We will equip you with this knowledge and provide pointers on how to develop your own action plan.

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