• Limited Edition: Rwanda Bean Coffee for a Cure
  • Limited Edition: Rwanda Bean Coffee for a Cure

Limited Edition: Rwanda Bean Coffee for a Cure


At Rwanda Bean, we try to challenge ourselves to support our farmers as well as our local community. With this Limited Edition batch, we are supporting the great work done by the Maine Cancer Foundation and Tri for a Cure.

We have created a special limited edition Tri for a Cure Blend of 300 coffee bags of freshly roasted, small batches from some of our favorite farms in Rwanda.  We are dedicating not 2%, not 10%, not 50%, but ALL of the profits from the sales of these beans to the cause!  Your purchase will have an impact.


In honor of the Tri, we will personally hand deliver your order myself within the Portland area - by foot or by bike (we are still looking for volunteers to swim-deliver to Peaks Island! :) )

If you live outside our running/biking region, no problem. You can still participate because we will run to the post office to ship to you. Our goal is to run at least 200 miles in period of 40 days.  We want you to get involved too!

How to get involved:

  • Simple. Buy a couple bags of coffee and we will hand deliver it to you - At home or in work. I’d love to meet the people that love my coffee and introduce it to others that have yet to experience it.

  • If you live outside the SoPo region,  We will also deliver in your neighborhood,  Delivery days will be confirmed after purchase.     
  • Even better:  Want to deliver in your neighborhood. Coffee is about community and what better way to meet your neighbors.  Join the challenge and get training for the TRI.
Tell your friends and lets Tri for a cure  together!  Thanks for the Support!