every sip spreads hope

Cultivated in Rwanda, the jewel of Africa. Expertly roasted in Portland ME.


Choose a variety of roasts. Easily change your roasts each month. Always freshly roasted and delivered to your door.


Rwanda Bean health insurance

Health Insurance for Farmers

Provided annual healthcare for over 1,200 Rwandan farmers and their families


Early Childhood Education

$20,000 funded toward the building of the Gisagara Daycare and Elementary School


Direct Trade

Committed to buying the coffee cherries directly from the farmers for twice the farm gate price

$5 = annual health insurance for a farmer

Rwanda Bean Coffee was founded on the promise to contribute 50% of all our coffee profits to our farmers who grow our coffee -- who in turn are pouring back into the communities where they live. Those contributions have a life-changing impact on the everyday lives of Rwandan farmers and their families. It's coffee that brews hope and brings promise to Rwandan farming communities while transforming your daily cup into one that's both delicious - and impactful.




Harvested By Hand In Rwanda

Rwanda has endless rolling hills dotted with lush trees, home to mountain gorillas, and small coffee farms. High altitude and tropical climate are ideal for growing high-quality coffee. The peak harvest is from May on. The coffee farmers pick the coffee cherries, dry them, and sort them all by hand.


Expertly roasted In Portland, ME

We value freshness, flavor, and aroma above all else. Our beans are expertly roasted in Portland, Maine by Master Roaster John Walsh. Each unique roast brings out the subtle nuances of the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and exquisite flavors only found in the mountains of Rwanda.


giving back 50% of the profits

Rwandan farmers cultivate some of the finest, specialty Bourbon Arabica in the world, and yet they typically receive less than 1% of what consumers pay for a cappuccino. Our company was founded on profit sharing by giving 50% back to the farmers to provide healthcare, education, and infrastructure.

What People are Saying

Best coffee on this planet! Try the dark roast. Well balanced not too dark or chalky, but full of great flavor. Love it!

- Craig L. (YELP)

"What a beautiful local business for this community. I enjoyed a fantastic cold brew coffee and delicious treat.

- Sean C. (YELP)
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