What roast has the most caffeine?

Contrary to popular belief, the blonde or light roast has the most caffeine! Coffee loses some of its caffeine as it is roasted. Longer roast time = less caffeine content. 


Do you roast your own coffee?

Yes! You can come to visit our roastery at 290 Thompson’s Point Road Portland, ME. We offer a variety of educational opportunities and experiences. Our master roaster, John Walsh, is our resident coffee guru and loves sharing his knowledge.


Is the coffee organic?

Although it is not classified as organic, there are no pesticides used in the process. Email us for more details, we would love to explain further.


Is the coffee washed? 

Yes, fully washed.


Is the coffee shade-grown? 

When the coffee plants are first planted, they are in a shaded nursery and then transition to the fields. 


Can I purchase espresso beans even if I don’t have an espresso machine?

100% YES! We love to use our french press for espresso on the rare mornings we are at home!


What is your most popular roast?

Medium roast


Should I grind coffee beans at home? Or have you grind them for me?

If you are serious about your coffee and want the BEST coffee experience, our #1 recommendation is to grind your beans at home just prior to brewing. It just takes a moment and makes all the difference. We sell quality grinders on our website and can ship them with your order at any time.


What is the coffee like before you roast it?

Green or raw, unroasted coffee beans are dense beans that do not taste anything like the coffee that you love. The rich brown color and taste come from the roasting process. Do not attempt to brew coffee with unroasted beans.  


How should I store my coffee? 

Our bags are re-sealable, so don’t take a pair of scissors to the top of them! After you take out the beans you need to grind + brew, simply reseal the bag and squeeze any excess air out of the bag via the degassing valve on the back. Alternately, they look beautiful displayed in a glass, airtight container right on your counter. 


My grandma stores her coffee in the freezer. Should I?

No, please no. Let’s kindly ask grandma to stop, too. Get her a bag of our coffee (comes in a resealable bag) and a nice airtight glass container for her to display it in! 😉 Dampness and moisture can change the scent/flavor of the coffee!


Is there caffeine in decaf coffee?

Yes, but trace amounts. On average an 8 oz cup of decaf contains up to 7 mg of caffeine. A cup of regular coffee typically contains 70-140 mg of caffeine. (results may vary)


How do you donate 50% back?

100% of every donation goes directly to the farmers in Rwanda to provide health insurance, medical bills, education, food, and other immediate needs. 50% of our profits go back to the farmers to positively impact their community and lives.


Can I change my subscription?

Yes! You can change the roast or grind selection or frequency of delivery by logging into your account. 


I am traveling. Can I delay my subscription?

Yes. Login to your customer account to skip a month or easily make changes to your subscription.


Can I send a subscription to a friend/family member?

Yes! Coffee makes a great gift. We offer a 3-month and a 1 Year Coffee Subscription.


Can I order a subscription for my business?

Yes! Email us with any questions or if you need a quick reply,  danielle@rwandabean.com

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