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Someone who cares about you knows you care about quality coffee that makes a difference.

Someone who knows and cares about you has shared this link with you because they know you appreciate quality coffee with a cause. Our coffee is expertly roasted in Portland, Maine and empowers Rwandan Farmers with 50% of every purchase going straight back to the farmers in Rwanda. When you subscribe, your friend will get $10 off their subscription and you will get $10 off of yours. Find your unique give code in your Rwanda Bean dashboard if you'd also like to spread the word. If you have trouble finding it, send an email to danielle@rwandabean.com 

Rich, bold, and conscious.

The Ultimate Coffee Subscription Box for Coffee Connoisseurs and Global Citizens Like You.

Your friend or family member knows you’re always on the look out for a delicious and socially responsible way to start your day. Look no further than Rwanda Bean, the coffee subscription box that delivers the rich, distinctive flavor of coffee grown in Rwanda's unique regions – and expertly roasted in Portland, Maine.

Beans That

Give Back

When you subscribe to Rwanda Bean, you're not just getting a unique coffee experience. You're also supporting the farmers who make it possible. That's because 50% of all sales go directly back to the communities that grow and harvest our coffee.

Our beans are sourced from smallholder farmers in Rwanda's high-altitude growing regions, where the combination of rich volcanic soil, ideal growing conditions, and meticulous processing creates a coffee with a flavor profile that's truly one-of-a-kind.

And we don't stop there. To bring out the best in each bean, we roast them in small batches in our roastery in Portland, Maine, where our expert roasters carefully craft each batch to highlight the unique flavors and characteristics of the coffee.

Your morning coffee can change lives.

Farmers who received Health Insurance for 1 Year

Together, we've donated $5,656 to provide 1,131 farmers with health insurance for one year!

$ to build Gisagara Daycare

We've raised $20,000 to build Gisagara Daycare to provide early childhood education and a safe place for 125 kids to learn and grow.


We paid tribute to Agnes, an 88-year-old Rwandan woman who worked 60 years farming coffee. We're paying her monthly salary for her entire retirement.

As a first-time email subscriber, you'll get 30% off your first order.

That means you can experience the flavor of Rwanda Bean coffee while supporting smallholder farmers and enjoying expertly roasted coffee, all in one delicious package.

Sign up today and join your community of coffee lovers who believe that flavor and purpose can go hand in hand.

Got Questions? Reach out to Danielle at danielle@rwandabean.com 

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